As an Independent Business Person You:
  • need assistance in combating the adverse factors of today's business
  • must have a voice in state and national legislation
  • must maintain ownership of your expirations and stay abreast of market developments
  • must help prevent socialistic insurance programs and public resistance
As a professional person, you should be a member of your professional association. There is no one else to work in your interest at all levels. The Association is your heritage.
The Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota, the state's oldest and largest insurance trade association, operating on your behalf since 1930. IIASD is dedicated to the Independent Agent's Progress and Prosperity!
IIASD Provides These Services to You:
1. Information Center
2. Legislation Drafting
3. Governmental Activities
4. Public Services
5. Studies and Reports
6. Catastrophe Correlation

7. Placement Services
8. Insurance Department Liaison
9. Members' Problems
10. Monthly State & National Publications
11. Meetings & Conventions
12. Area Conferences
13. Liaison With Other Insurance Groups
14. Group Insurance Programs Including Low-Cost E&O
15. Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Programs
16. Public Relations
17. Educational Seminars
18. Full Time Pierre & Washington D.C. Lobbyists
19. National, State, & Local Coordination
20. Full Time Office Staff in Pierre, Washington D.C. & New York
21. 12 Volunteer Officers and Directors Giving of Their Time & Knowledge For the          Betterment of Their Fellow Agents
22. Professional Prestige For Your Business By Being A Member of the World's Largest
Insurance Agents Association
Contact IIASD for membership information and applications
at or 605-224-6234