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IIASD Announces Opening for Executive Vice President
As disclosed at our Annual Convention, Carolyn Hofer will be retiring effective December 31, 2021.  
In an effort to fulfill our Mission to be unrelenting advocates for business, education, 
professional and political interests of our members, the Board of Directors are seeking resumes for 
this position effective March 1st.

Executive Director Position Information:

Primary Duties of the Executive Vice-President:
1.   Know and support the Association’s Objectives, Vision, Mission and Value Statements.
2.   Manage all daily operations of the organization, including oversight of Association staff.
3.   Maintain a positive relationship with the Board of Directors and all stakeholders.
4.   Identify, communicate and implement strategies and goals that align with the Association’s 
      Objectives, Vision, Mission and Values.
5.   Advocate on behalf of the Association with local, state and national legislators and 
6.   Participate in state, regional and national events as a representative of the Association and 
      bring information and strategies back to our local Board and members that will advance the 
      independent agency system.
7.   Collaborate with other organizations to work towards common Missions, Visions and Values.
8.   Protect Association compliance, including anti-trust laws, privacy and employment practices.
9.   Oversee administration of the Association’s Errors and Omissions program.
Required Skills, Experience and Training:
1.   Strong leadership and project management skills.
2.   Demonstration of ability to work well with others.
3.   Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience.
4.   Licensed in property and casualty, life and health or crop insurance lines in South Dakota.
      *Applicants not currently licensed would be required to obtain licensing in property and casualty 
       within 60 days of hire.  Other lines optional.
5.   Experience in management, communication, marketing and advocacy.
6.   Solid knowledge of accounting, budgeting and financial management.
7.   Ability and experience in public speaking and public relations.
Other Information:
1.   The selected candidate will be required to live in the Pierre, South Dakota, area.
2.   Salary and benefits are dependent on experience.
3.   In-state and out-of-state travel will be required, including overnight stays.
4.   Background checks will be required.
Candidates must support IIASD Values and be willing to:
•    Lead as a Visionary Team
•    Uphold Integrity and Excellence
•    Respond to Members’ Needs
•    Embrace Diverse Cultures and Settings

Submit your resume to