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Sneaker Drive


picture3.pngGIVE Campaign Fighting Poverty Through Job Creation

 Trusted Choice Independent Agents are a GIVING community



Commonly asked question:

Why do the people in Haiti need to pay for the shoes in order to sell them because they are donated?

Lucas from Rippl's response was: 

So I usually ask people this question (feel free to do the same): "would you rather me give you $2,000 cash right now (something you didn't earn), or would you rather have a $50k salary job for the entire year?  I think it's obvious which one people would choose. One of my favorite quotes from Bob Lupton is, "Invest in success: sound business principles are also good principles for responsible charitable investing." And that's exactly what you all are doing by partnering with us. Because here's why....

When a person is starting their business through the micro-enterprise program, they receive a loan of shoes to help them get their own business off the ground. Once they sell the shoes in the marketplace, they then come back and purchase more shoes at a low cost. And then from there on out they continue to grow their business. We truly believe, and have seen the impact first hand, between the difference of giving someone a handout vs giving someone a hand up! It's a much better long term approach to the fight of poverty. And the people that we serve, they will tell you themselves that they don't want a hand out, what they want most is an opportunity where they can thrive and provide for their families. Because this brings dignity and hope to these individuals and families. I truly believe, if it isn't a "crisis" situation, a handout actually hurts the people worse than it does help them, because it creates dependency. (This is why Haiti is worse now than prior to the earthquake.)  That said, we don't want to give people a fish, we want to give them a fishing pole so they can catch a lot more fish. Lastly, this also helps stimulate their local economy as well! 

And to give you an idea of how big the need is, the last time I was in Haiti I asked one of the women entrepreneurs how quickly they sold out of their product once a container of shoes came in..... she responded: "two to three weeks!"  That blew my mind! That means they had to wait another 6  months before they received another load of shoes. This is why I tell people all the time that we do not have a demand problem, we have a massive supply problem! And this is why YOUR help is so important!