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Now you can send us your information and we will post it on this page.  Please email Blake at with the following information:

  • Agency Name
  • Agency Contact
  • Phone Number
  • Email 
  • Job Opening Title 
  • Deadline to submit resumes (so we know when take your post down)
If you have a PDF of the job description that you would like us to post, please attach.  Posts will remain active for 60 days unless we hear from you to extend the posting.

Current Open Positions:

Crop Insurance Specialist

Insurance Agent and Insurance Customer Service Agent

Consider Your Career in the Insurance Industry!

Insurance isn't just about sales or home and auto policies. There are incredible opportunities that can provide success, prosperity and flexibility for individuals in the insurance industry.  Find your next career in insurance! Below is just the start of opportunites in the insurance industry.
Actuaries determine how much risk is involved in insuring a person's home, health, life and business. They analyze the risk by considering numerous factors.  They comprehend legislation and social tendencies.  Are you good at analyzing and considering all variables?  Do you enjoy helping others?  Your career is calling!

Licensed Agents and Brokers
These individuals sell and consult individuals and companies on the best coverages to protect their assets.  In the event of a catastrophe, agents and brokers are advocates for their insureds in time of need.  Have great people skills?  Enjoy helping others?  Your career is calling!

Claims Adjuster
When an insured suffers a loss, had an accident or has been injured, an adjuster assists in determining compensation.  Can you negotiation and arbitrate with grace and compassion?  Do you enjoy being in the field helping others?  Your career is calling!

Customer Service Representative (CSR)
As a service representative you are a liasion between companies, clients and agents/brokers. Do you have incredible communication skills, a knowledge of insurance products and can build awesome relationships? Enjoy helping others?  Your career is calling!

Loss Control Specialist
As a loss control specialist you will be in the field inspecting job sites, shops, stores, warehouses and other businesses assessing hazardous risks and providing solutions to fix them.  Your job is to minimize injury losses and prevent accidents based on your knowledge.  Are you passionate about engineering or safety management?  Do you have technical expertise, an attention to detail and business skills?  Can you provide solutions and resolutions?  Enjoy helping others?  Your career is calling!

Underwriters determine if a person can be insured by a policy.  They assess how much risk is involved in insuring that person and if it is a good fit for the individual and company.  Are you good with numbers?  Do you enjoy analyzing data?  Enjoy helping others?  Your career is calling!

Still not sold on insurance?  Well consider these and other opportunites available in this dynamic industry:

Account Services
Business Development
Human Resources
Information Technology
Regional/Branch Operations
Risk Management
Sales & Operations
Management5 young professionals.jpg
Its not just Home and Auto:
You can insure all kinds of things!

Festivals and other events
A WWII aircraft
Concerts, rock bands and music,
Even Keith Richards fingers
Sporting events, even a Super Bowl
Movies, sets and scripts
Race cars, the race, the driver
A yacht, the entire marina
Amusement Parks
Jewelry and antiques
Museums, Aquariums, Zoos
Cyber Insurance is huge

You name it, it should be insured.
Insure what you love and have fun doing it.