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E&O Coverage for our Members –
IIASD understands that when you purchase E&O insurance, you want your assets to be protected.  We offer top quality E&O programs for your coverage through Westport and Fireman’s’ Fund.  These carriers have solid credentials with combined E&O experience of nearly 100 years.  If you agency does not qualify for the standard program, we also have access to non-standard markets.
Your policy will be underwritten and serviced at the State Association level by an experienced licensed agent who specializes in writing E&O coverage.  We are committed to providing  you with:
·         Broad coverage exclusive to our members and South Dakota independent agents.
·         Access to Westport/First Specialty, Fireman’s Fund and many more.
·         Competitive pricing.
·         Loss control credit, experience credit and  reduced deductibles for qualifying documentation.
·         In-house claims administration  with qualified, well trained, and professional claims handlers at your service. No conflict as to who their clients are…you  the insured.
·         High quality care and customer service by your state association’s insurance administrators.
·         State and National Association support. Always looking out for our member’s best interest.
·         Loss Control seminars offered  each year at four locations across the state with qualifying attendance for policy credit.
We strive to offer you the same level of professionalism and service  on your E&O coverage that you  provide to your clients. 

Compare the Big "I" Professional Liability Program and Policy through SwissRe Westport and see why our track record of experience, stability and expertise is second to none.


Risk Management Premium Credit Updates.pdf



For more than 25 years, the Big "I" Professional Liability Program underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, a member of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions (rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best), has been the premier choice of IIABA member agents for insurance agents and brokers E&O insurance.

The Big “I” Professional Liability Program offers not just a policy, but a comprehensive program for insurance agents. Over the past two decades the Big “I” Professional Liability Program, has grown into the largest and most stable insurance agents E&O program in the nation. Our member agents and brokers nationwide look to the program for stable rates and a long-term market that they can rely on to protect their greatest assets—their businesses.

Working with our partners at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we have created one of the strongest coverage forms in the marketplace.

Review our policy form and you will see these are just a few of the coverage benefits of the Swiss Re policy:

  • Coverage for the sale of both Property/Casualty and Life and Health insurance products
  • Limits of liability up to $20 million
  • Broad definition of covered professional services and activities
  • Comprehensive definition of who is an insured
  • Aggregate deductibles
  • Defense cost outside the limits
  • Available first dollar defense
  • Full prior acts available
  • No contractual liability exclusion
  • Coverage for punitive damages (where available by state)
  • Multiple extended reporting period options
  • True worldwide protection
  • Coverage for advertising, libel and slander
  • Catastrophe Expense $25,000 per policy period
  • Subpoena Coverage $10,000 per policy period
  • 1st Party Personal Data Breach (cyber) $25,000 per policy period
  • 3rd Party Personal Data Breach (cyber) $1,000,000 sublimit
  • Deductible reduction up to $12,500 per claim for risk management activities

Coverage Benefits:

The only P/C insurance agents and brokers E&O program in the marketplace that contributes a percentage of every premium dollar to the funding of important advocacy efforts of the IIABA.
  • State associations that serve to assist you should a claim arise
  • Up to 10% loss control credits available
  • An exclusive policy form and premium credits filed on a Risk Purchasing Group basis to give Big "I" members coverage tailored to their needs
  • Competitive pricing supported by a critical mass of premium volume to maintain rate stability
  • A partner in Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, a member of the Swiss Re Group, rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best
  • Loss prevention materials to reduce the chance of a claim and improve business processes
  • An exclusive comprehensive risk management website including practical information and tools to help your agency avoid E&O claims
  • E&O Risk Management Web site –
  • E&O Claims Advisor– a periodic E&O risk management newsletter available only to Swiss Re policyholders, providing valuable information to all positions in the agency
  • A Professional Liability Committee comprised of IIABA member agents to oversee and recommend enhancements to the program to meet the ever-changing needs of agents
        Westport E&O Application



 Megan Linn
E&O Administrator
Phone: 1-605-224-6234

With over 25 years experience, Fireman’s Fund is a dedicated, knowledgeable insurer of insurance agents’ needs – yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Coverage Highlights
  • Rated A Excellent by A. M. Best and written on admitted paper
  • Dedicated claims staff focuses exclusively on insurance E&O claims
  • Up to 10% loss control credits available
  • Long-standing market player in Agents E&O
  • Coverage for the sale of both Property/Casualty and Life & Health agents
  • Choice of three endorsements for sale of financial services products
  • Broad definition of covered professional services and activities
    • Available first dollar defense
    • Policy limits available up to $10,000,000
  • Aggregate deductible applies
  • Expert witness testimony covered
  • Protection for when you train, manage or supervise a client in the selling of insurance products
  • Market-quality insolvency coverage
  • Broad definition of “who is an insured”
  • Retroactive coverage and multiple extended reporting periods offered
  • Three-tiered employment practices liability offered by endorsement
  • $10,000/$30,000 catastrophe claims extra expense included with no additional premium
  • $35,000 regulatory investigation defense expense coverage per policy
  • Up to 60 days after end of policy period to report claims and purchase extended reporting provision
  • Immediate predecessor firm coverage
  • Supplementary payments of $500 per day for expenses incurred in aiding in the defense of a claim
  • The Fireman’s Fund policy offers broad coverage tailored to insurance agencies.
Megan Linn
E&O Administrator
Phone: 1-605-224-6234